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His Left Hand is an unruly confederation of alter-egos belonging to Steven Schlang.  I (and my alter-egos) live in Massachusetts.  By day, I practice law...by night, I traipse the Mysteries.

May you enjoy the heights and depths, moments of glory and moments of Boschian subliminal skitterings.  It is my hope that the compositions within this site will grow on you and that different aspects of every piece will unfold and reveal themselves with each new hearing.

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A Note About the Instruments and Software:

My primary axes for the compositions: NI's Absynth - with a tip of the hat to BioMechanoid for reinventing the beast; NI FM7, Zebra; Sophistry; Rhino2; Blue; Octopus; Cameleon5000; Stylus; NuSofting/Dash, MicroTonic; Cube; Wusikstation; Surge;  H.G. Fortune's remarkable synths; and a slough of sounds and samples courtesy of dangerousbear; zvon; tim conrady; Nucleus Soundlab, Mystified and ProSounds.

Effects and production software also figure heavily in these pieces:  One can redesign the known (and unknown) universe with effects from the likes of:  AudioDamage; Camel Audio; Kjaerhus; Voxengo; FabFilter, OhmForce, Izotope, JackDark and WaveArts.

To all those mentioned (and those inadvertently neglected): Thanks so much for designing tools that allow me access to the infinite  sandbox of sound!! 

Special shout-out to John Comerford, web designer extraordinaire, who managed to take my babbling and turn it into an incredible space.

And, of course, to the divine  Laurie Mass, who helped in making all of this  possible.  And all so pleasantly, to boot!  All of the album art work flows from her remarkable pen.

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